• MadDog

    New iPad 2 variant has been detected in the wild with a new 32nm chip, which is claimed to give an battery life increase of between 15.8% - 29.1%

    According to website AnandTech, a new wifi only apple iPad2 has been detected in the wild
    The new model which appears to be impossible to identify unless you fire the thing up and run a utility such as Geekbench to identify the exact model, which shows up as iPad 2,4. There are no indications of a new Apple part number being released for this new model
    Reports suggest that the new model ships with a 32nm Apple A5 chip and provides an improvement of 15.8% in the battery life when surfing and 29.1% when gaming
    This change has only currently been identified in the Wifi model and in both black and white units.
    It does seem that Apple is keen to keep the iPad2 for sale for a while still!

  • normal

    It seems like a crazy statistic, but according to the latest research by Asymco, Apple and Samsung made 99% of the profits in mobile handsets for the first quarter of 2012.

    The even more curious fact is that Apple makes three times as much profit as Samsung. 73% vs 26% (don't pick me up on my maths!)

    It seems really odd that the other major manufacturers like Nokia, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Hauwei etc make so little / no profit in a market which is booming. What this means for the future of these companies is anyone's guess.

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