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    Apple's Developer Conference is next week, and with it comes all the hype and expectation one would expect from an Apple event.

    There seems to be a build up in expectation that Apple will replace most, if not all if it's Mac line-up.

    New MacBook Pro's, MacBook Air's, iMac's and Mac Pro's are all being predicted to launch next week after a supposed leak in Australia. There's no news on the Mac Mini, but there also seems to be a whole load accessory updates too.

    There's less than a week until the Keynote speech, so it's not too long to wait!

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    Membership of clubs is often like credit cards, the more you use it, the higher they bump you. Samsung today became part of the exclusive Platinum Club.

    Along with the likes of IBM, Intel and Oracle, in return for giving lots of cash to the Linux Foundation and promising to be a more 'open OS organisation', Samsung will be able to help shape how Linux develops. This might help tie things up with it's support for Tizen in the mobile arena.

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    RIP Ray Bradbury

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    Sad news that Ray Bradbury, one of the key Sci-Fi authors, has died, aged 91. He wrote amazing, and thought provoking books such as Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, and also contributed to The Twilight Zone.


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    Cyber attacks are all the rage now, with malware like Stuxnet and Flame drawing particular attention. But how would you know if your under attack from cyber terrorists?

    Google will kindly tell you if it believes your Google account is under attack. I've no idea how it decides if you are under attack or not, but if they think you are, you'll get a banner like this:

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    Google seems to preparing a new front in it's battle with Microsoft. Google has bought many people's favourite mobile productivity suite.

    Not a lot is known yet as to what Google plan to do with it, but one would presume that Google Docs and Android could benefit. In Google's Blog, they go on about interoperability between different formats...

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    Some bloke called Rafe Blandford has noticed that there are now 100,000 apps available on Windows Phone Marketplace.

    Microsoft have achieved this feat in surprisingly quick time, given how long it took Android and Blackberry to achieve the same result.

    Even more surprising, is that they were not all fart apps!

    There's a healthy spread of different types of apps, but as iOS and Android owners know, you shouldn't confuse quantity for quality. This does suggest though that Microsoft may be starting to gain the big 'Mo', especially with Windows / WinPhone 8 launches this autumn.
    See the source for a very thorough analysis.

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    Computex is a huge computer exhibition in Taiwan, home to many manufacturers. They're therefore very keen to show off in their own backyard. And they have been busy!

    Hybrid devices seems to be the theme this year. Manufacturers are looking to combine the attraction of tablets, with the practicality of new breed of ultrabooks (think Macbook Airs).
    Here's my pick.
    Asus Taichi
    These resemble Asus' first gen ultrabooks, the Zenbooks, but with a novel twist, shut the cover and it's got another touchscreen on the outside! They come with Ivy Bridge i7 processors and 1080p displays in 11" and 13" flavours. Also really good for games of Battleships...

    Asus 610 and 800
    Think Asus Transformer Prime, but now running Windows 8, and not Android. The 610 runs on an ARM processor, whilst the 800 runs on an Intel Medfield processor. Both are 11.6" hybrids with 1366x768 displays and 2GB memory and all the other usual frippery.