Three buy UK Broadband for £250m

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Dave    70

UK MOBILE OPERATOR Three has announced it will pay £250m to acquire UK Broadband, the company behind home broadband service Relish as well as other public sector LTE networks in Reading and Swindon.

Three said that as part of the deal it would gain UK Broadband's 15,000 customers as the unit becomes a full subsidiary of the firm.

The Relish brand is probably the most well-known element of UK Broadband's offerings, providing high-speed internet via 4G frequencies, removing the need for fixed connections to achieve coverage. The firm has often touted this as being a better deal than fixed copper connections.

It also has a diverse public sector business, though, with case studies on its website covering a wide range of customers, ranging from educational institutions to the emergency services, such as work it did to provide a bespoke network during the sailing events of the 2012 Olympics.

The deal will also help boost Three's spectrum holdings by gaining access to UK Broadband's holdings, many of which are likely to be useful for 5G services in the future.



Hopefully the stupid #AskSharon campaign is binned now. UK Broadband own 2x84MHz of Band 43 3.6GHz and 2x20MHz of Band 42 3.4GHz.

Seems a bargain for £250m, it should be enough to run a 5G network on all by itself.

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Dave    70
23 minutes ago, Milhouse said:

That's almost £17K a customer...


I doubt they give a s**t about the customers, the spectrum is the bargain...


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satsuma    178

I knew/know many of the UK Senior Management personally. Good move by Three. 

It's good spectrum to have for supplementary downlink. Won't have to wait for 5G, should be devices around already/end of this year that can use it.

Going to require massive capex to rollout nationally though.

Won't be the end of 'Tell Sharon' - Three want to ensure they get a decent chunk 2.4 GHz that's going to be auctioned.

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